REPLAY: Why you aren’t manifesting what you want with Denise Duffield-Thomas

Denise Duffield-Thomas is a money mentor and huge inspiration of mine.

In this episode, we explore her 5 step no-fail formula to manifesting the money (and other things!) that you desire in your life.

In this Episode:
03.01: Why it’s important for business owners to work on their money mindset
06.57: How to understand money mindset as a sceptic
12.12: Denise’s coolest manifestation
16.50: What to do when your manifestations aren’t “working”
32.24: How to juggle good financial stewardship with manifesting?



Denise’s Bio

Denise Duffield-Thomas is the money mentor for the new wave of online entrepreneurs who want to make money and change the world. She helps women charge premium prices, release the fear of money and create First Class lives.  

Her books Lucky Bitch, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch, and Chillpreneur give a fresh and funny roadmap to living a life of abundance without burnout.

Her Money Bootcamp has helped over 6,000 students.

She’s a lazy introvert, a Hay House author and an unbusy mother of 3. She owns a rose farm and lives by the beach in sunny Australia.


CLARE: I am the queen when it comes to practical action actions and strategies to grow your business, but there are some things when it comes to success that are beyond logic, which is where the principle of manifestation comes into play. Today’s guest on the podcast has been my biggest mentor and inspiration in business and I feel so very blessed to welcome Denise Duffield-Thomas onto the podcast. We chat about the principles of attraction and abundance to overcome money blocks to allow you to attract more magic and importantly, financial results into your business. Denise shares the five step framework for attracting success into your business and shares some of the amazing things she has attracted in her multimillion dollar business. With no further ado, let’s get started.


You’re listening to the Clare Wood podcast, where we talk all things business, finance, marketing, and mindset for entrepreneurs, sharing practical tips, and actionable advice to help you take your business to the next level. Introducing your host: me! I’m Clare Wood, I’m a numbers geek, a travel lover, and a reality tv addict, and I’m here to empower you to create an extraordinary business and an amazing life, because I believe you don’t have to choose between the two. Now let’s dive right in to today’s episode.


Welcome to the podcast. Denise, I’m so excited to have you here today. I’ve shared about you many times on the podcast before and the work that you do has been so influential on my business journey that I can’t wait to share you with all of the listeners. So a big warm welcome.


DENISE: Oh, thank you. And thank you for sharing so generously about my books, the retreat that we went on and all that kind of stuff. So I’m excited to have a chat.


CLARE: So for anyone who doesn’t know you, do you want to do a quick intro to who you are and what you do?


DENISE: I am a money mindset coach. I help people, mostly women, with their stories and beliefs about money. And some people don’t know that they have money blocks until they go into business for themselves or they want to hit a new income goal. I really help people with that mindset stuff that trips them up, whether it’s fear about raising their prices, fear for asking for money, blocks that are keeping them at an income plateau. I do that through my books and my courses. Apart from that, I’m a mum of three and a dog, a quarantine puppy, and I live in Newcastle.


CLARE: Wow. So you’ve kind of already answered it a bit, but maybe you could expand a bit more. Why do you think it’s important for all business owners to work on their money mindset?


Why it’s important for business owners to work on their money mindset


DENISE: I think a lot of people think that when they go into business it’s going to be really simple, right? And it seems like a really good solution if you hate your job or you have a desire to help people. And so you’re like, Oh, this is going to be easy. I will just put things out there and people will give me money. Right? So simple. But in reality, it’s not that simple. I see people get really, really stuck and they don’t know why. They get really fearful about sending out invoices, they procrastinate them, they can’t say how much their product or services, they can’t say it out loud, they sabotage themselves by maybe letting invoices slide or not charging people or not charging enough. Over delivering and undercharging is a big thing. If it was just simple, all of us would be millionaires, right? Because we would just sell something to someone who wanted it. But unfortunately we get in our own way around that. I believe that most things in business are simple. I think you can Google most things or you can buy a course or a checklist as we were just talking about before. But if you don’t work on your money mindset, you’re really going to trip yourself up. It’s you fighting it against yourself, and that’s the biggest tragedy. That’s why I really focusing on that part, because I know when people get their mindset right, their businesses can really grow without the sabotage. I think take it back a little second, when people go, Oh, why am I not making money? They go, Oh, you know what? I need another certificate. That’s what it is. I’ll just get another certificate and then I’ll be ready. Or Oh, maybe my website’s not the right color yet. Okay, that’s it. I’m going to do a rebrand and then I’ll feel ready. Or a big thing for women is, Oh, I’ll, I’ll just lose weight first, then I’ll be ready. You know, and I’ve heard so many excuses, but really what it comes down to is, is your money mindset and you get that right, and then most other stuff you can Google and you can get done.


CLARE: Yeah. It’s something I hear a lot and I couldn’t get my head around it because I’m a trained accountant. I remember that when I first started learning about money mindset, I’m like, but what do I need to do? The steps that I need to take? And I guess maybe that’s why I connected with bootcamp because you do translate mastering your money mindset into frameworks and into going, well these, this is literally the steps that you need to take. Money bootcamp was absolutely incredible. It’s a fantastic way to go about upleveling your mindset. I’ve got an amazing story actually about how I got started in bootcamp, which is that when I very first went to pay, I physically did not have the money and I bet you hear this a lot, I did not have the money for money bootcamp. Then this payment plan came up, you offered a payment plan and I could afford the first payment on the payment plan. So I took the leap and as the program rolled out, obviously every month my money situation got stronger and stronger, and I almost laughed that I didn’t take that first step way back when. But it was like, I got this sign from the universe. Like you are meant to be here and you’re meant to be doing this work. So yeah, I came about to do money bootcamp that way and it’s changed my life. So if you are listening, make sure you do go and check it out.

What I would love to ask you next is if someone’s new to this whole concept, it can seem a little bit odd. I have to admit, I thought manifestation was very strange when I first heard about it. What do you say to anyone who’s a sceptic about working on their mindset?


How to understand money mindset as a skeptic


DENISE: I totally get that by the way, because I am a really practical person. When I first heard about the law of attraction to, it appealed to the part of me that, you know, like to read my astrology chart and do tarot cards every now and again. So it was like, Oh, that sounds a bit magical. But then my other side was like, what do you do? I kind of felt like, Oh, you just have to be like a really good person and then maybe good things will happen to you. Like you have to be really pure in thought and good things will happen to you or you have to meditate every day. And so I was thinking but I’m not a very good person. I don’t meditate and I think bad thoughts sometimes. Does that mean that the law of attraction won’t work for me? So what I say to skeptics is if you look at any studies around brain training for example, and how our brain works, almost everything that you learn about in the law of attraction can come back to one of those studies or one of those things we know about the brain. One example of that is, confirmation bias. We are trained to look for things that fit within our worldview. For example, when you decide you want to buy a car and then you see your car everywhere, like that’s one of the ways that our brain works, we are trained to look for things. And so I was like, well, maybe one of the things I can do to activate that inside me is too consciously put those things in my path. And so, I think the way that dream boards work, it’s confirmation bias. We put things that we want on a visual representation. We train our brain to look for those things. Then the more you see those things, the more you believe that it could be possible for yourself.


And so I did that with real estate. This is a really good one for activating the law of attraction. So say for example, you put a picture of your dream house on a dream board, and you look at that every day, you might go, you know what? At first I didn’t believe that I could have a half like that. But the more you see it, the more you go. You know what, maybe that could be for me, but then you have to take it one step further. You have to go into your dream neighbourhood, but that might actually trigger some interesting things for you. You might go in there and go, no one will believe that I live in this neighbourhood. That’s a belief that you have to work on that is unconscious kind of bias against yourself that you have to work on. But you go there once a week. Maybe you acclimatise yourself to that environment just like you would if you were going mountain climbing. I would walk in the neighbourhood and then I took it one step further and I rented a house that I couldn’t afford to buy, but I rented a house in that neighbourhood to acclimatise myself even further. But it started with using that part of my brain that will look for those patterns, you know, and, and activating that part of myself that would look at that and go, well, maybe that could be for me. So every time you do something like that, it, it could trigger a negative belief. I don’t belong here. This isn’t for someone like me. So then you’d have to use that part of your brain again. Well, maybe I’ll look for examples of people like me who have created a successful business, who live in his neighbourhood. So then you could flood your Instagram feed and your Facebook feed with examples of people who look like you who are successful. Does that make sense? So it’s not magic, but it is training your brain to believe that things like that are for people like you. And then when opportunities come up, you’re more inclined to take action. So it’s just like a positive cycle of the belief informs your action, which informs your habits, which informs your daily life. So you have a positive spiral or you have a negative spiral. And unfortunately most of us are in the negative spiral by default because we’re, we’re either told or we believe that that is not for us. And so then we don’t take the actions because we don’t believe that they’re for us and we don’t create those daily habits. We don’t create those micro actions that would lead us to something positive. It’s leading us to the same or something negative.




CLARE: Yeah, absolutely. And if you still can’t intellectualise it, I say just try leaning into it and see what happens. Because for me at the start, I was like, this doesn’t really make any sense. But then examples, like when I took that step and invested in money bootcamp, things just keep happening. And then actually I looked back on the rest of my life and I’m like, I’ve kind of been manifesting my whole life without even realising I want something and then I just go out and make it happen. Essentially that’s what manifesting is, isn’t it? It’s working out what you want and then it’s going and having a strategy about how you go about bringing those things into your life. So on that note, what has been the coolest thing you have ever manifested in your life?


Denise’s coolest manifestation


DENISE: There’s so many things and I think they’re always situational, right? Because one of the coolest things for me was manifesting a bank error in my favour for my university tuition. It wasn’t the most amount of money I’ve ever created or manifested, but I was an international student living in London and I basically had a student visa, so if I didn’t study, I’d get kicked out of the country. I didn’t make very much money, and I remember just feeling this great sense of, everything’s just going to work out, it’s going to be fine. And Mark was like, it’s due on Wednesday, where is this money going to come from? I just had this feeling it’s going to be okay. And I was calming myself and saying “cheques in the post”. Money will just come from somewhere, and on the Friday before it was due, I had a bank error in my favour, of the amount of my tuition. I was like, I don’t care where this money came from, I paid it and I thought, Oh, I’ll just cross that bridge when I come to it. And actually, um, a couple of days later I called the bank cause it was just weighing on me and I said, ah, I think you guys did this. And I was like, Oh, okay. Um, well we’ll convert it into a loan for you. So I had to pay it back, but I still count it as a manifestation because it’s something that came at the perfect time for when I needed it. And it, again, sceptics might go, but how did you cause or create that? You know, I hear stories like that all the time of people who they get a cheque in the post at the exact amount that they need for whatever they need. But now that I have had even bigger and better things come, I see that sometimes it is a combination of luck and luck. And by that I mean sometimes things happen because you put a chain of events in place that you didn’t even know you’re putting in place.

Another example is I manifested six months, all expenses paid, travel around the world. I manifested a competition and that again seems really magic, but that came down to me telling all my friends I wanted to go traveling around the world and one friend found a competition online and she texted me about it and I applied for it and you know, I ended up winning it. But if I hadn’t told all my friends, she wouldn’t have thought about me and she wouldn’t have texted me to enter. So I think I like to think of manifesting… Throw everything at it. Do you dream boards. Tell people about your goals. Apply for things. You can put yourself in the slip stream of that, of that luck coming to you. If your dreams are that important, you will do all of all of the things, and then somehow the universe does meet you halfway.

Some people think the law of attraction means you never have to do anything. I applied for that competition. You don’t sit on your couch waiting for opportunities to come to you. You put yourself in the path of lot of good luck and, but there’s sometimes synchronicities that you can’t explain. Wouldn’t you agree?



CLARE: Oh, a hundred percent. My favourite story, I was backpacking through Europe, ran out of cash and I just wanted to keep on traveling. I was just like not, it’s just gonna happen. I had quit my job to come traveling, and that job I had left maybe six months earlier, paid me a $30,000 bonus, a job that I had left, they said, Oh, we’re paying last year’s bonuses. It’s the only big bonus I’ve ever got in my life. It was the strangest thing. So of course I’m going to keep traveling. When I look back on my life pre having consciously done the work, I recognise that I was actually doing it in some ways without even realising it.


Now I’m trying to be a bit more conscious about the process of creating what I want in my life and in my business. Which leads me to my next question. What do you do when you feel like you’re doing all the things, you’re putting the intentions out there and it’s just not coming together?



What to do when your manifestations aren’t “working”



DENISE: I’ve got a five step process, and when someone tells me Oh, I’m trying to get it and it’s not happening, I know they’re missing one of the steps. I’ll run through them really quickly. The first step is you’ve got to declutter your beliefs about the thing that you’re trying to manifest. And I even say declutter in general. Like you’ve got to sometimes move the energy before new things come in. So when I say declutter, I mean from every sense you can think of. But usually if you’re trying to manifest a particular thing, like let’s say a house, right? Cause everyone understands what it’s like to have a dream for my dream house. So when I was looking to manifest a house, I was like, okay, what can I declutter? First of all, your beliefs about you having the ability to live in that neighbourhood, live in that house, as I mentioned before, but every time I go, I want to move, I start decluttering my house. I’m like, well, I’m moving so I’m going to declutter some stuff. And so it’s symbolic, but it’s also energetic. It’s just like, I’m ready to go, I’m ready to move. So declutter is always the first step.


The second step is you gotta decide what you want and actually a lot of people get this wrong. They’re very vague about it. They’re like, send me some more money. I want some more clients. I want to leave in a better house. There’s a real practice and an art in getting very, very clear on what you want. How many bedrooms do you want in your new house? Where exactly? Do you know what street? And trust me, 10 years ago when I was walking up and down this beach front manifesting and dreaming about this neighbourhood, I had the exact street that I live on as my goal street. I was that specific. The problem with this, with the deciding what you want is that we’ve been told from such a young age, when we blow out our candles at every single buck birthday party that you’ve ever been to, don’t tell anyone your dream or it won’t come true. And so everyone listening who’s got kids in their life, stop saying this at birthday parties because I have never said this to my kids. I always tell them to tell us our dreams, but it’s so ingrained in movies and TVs and other kids’ parties that even when I say to Willow, I’ll say to her, what do you want? She goes, I can’t tell you it won’t come true. So can you see that it’s a massive problem for goal setting. When it comes to asking for how much money you want to make. Everyone gets very, very vague about it. And we’ve all had this experience, by the way, when you’ve gone, I want a new job aAnd then you just get the most random stuff coming to you. People go, Hey, I’ve got this job that I think you might like. And you go what, no, that’s not what I wanted? Or you find a dollar in the street and you’re like, I meant a million dollars and the universe is like a bitch. So step number two, I think a lot of people get wrong, they’re not specific enough. They’re not asking for what they truly, truly want. So that’s step number two, decide what you want.


Step number three is to climatise and surround yourself with positivity and your goal. And by this I mean do everything. Do the dream boards, do the change your password to be your goal. You know, a lot of the things I talk about, yeah, I’m in my books, but I find that a lot of law of attraction books only focus on this part. Do your affirmations, do a dream board and having money alter. I think all that stuff is really great, but I put it at step number three because I think it’s important, but it’s not the only thing. And if you just do the positivity stuff and you just do the affirmation, I don’t know about you, but the results haven’t been great for me just doing those things. If you’re not clear about exactly what you’re chasing, it almost doesn’t make sense without other parts of the process as well.


Step number four is really important, which a lot of people miss and it’s taking inspired action. It’s not I’m going to research like the best cover size for my book. Inspired action is something that really moves you forward. Say you want to write a book, right? Inspired action is to tell people the date that your book is coming out and take pre-orders because then everything else will happen from that. It’s like an action that will literally have dominoes falling from it. Not a pissy action like research, that’s not inspired action. For the real estate example again, inspired action would be to a contact a real estate agent and go and have a viewing of your dream house. Even if you don’t feel like you’re ready for it yet. Inspired action would be to go and see your broker and actually get a number of how much you can borrow.


Step number five, it’s so overlooked, it’s actually receiving. So when someone says, yeah, “Oh Hey, I’ve got a client for you”, you do the the follow-up, receive that money, when someone says, “Oh, can I pay you for that?” Receiving it instead of saying, “Oh no baby, I’ll do this for you for free.” Receiving the money because sometimes people get to that point and then they sabotage it. They just wreck it. And so receiving is actually an art. So each step you can see how you can troubleshoot. But I say to people, if you cannot receive, start small, start by receiving your friend buying you coffee. Because if you can’t receive someone buying you a $2 cup of coffee, what makes you think you’re going to receive a million dollar windfall or the big house or the thousand clients that you say that you want in your membership site? If you can’t even receive a $2 cup of coffee. Take it back one notch. If you can’t even receive the coffee, maybe you have to start with receiving a compliment and then work your way up to the coffee and then work your way up to someone paying you for that thing that you’re going to do for free for them. If you really struggle with that, go back and declutter that memory about your parents telling you can’t have what you want. Surround yourself with positivity. Take more inspired action. You can’t receive.. Ok… go back to the start and do some decluttering about why you can’t receive. So honestly, that five steps is really foolproof because it is a cycle and you never get to a point where you go, well, I’ve done all I can universe, where’s my freaking money? Because you can always declutter more. You can always get more specific about what you want. You can always add more positivity. You can always take more inspired action and you can always find a way to receive, even if it’s a compliment. This is why I get frustrated with people saying, I want to manifest the lottery. I’m like, well cool, but what inspired action can you take to manifest a lottery, buy another ticket, then you end up with a gambling problem. It’s so much easier to manifest money in your business because there’s always more stuff that you can do to put yourself in that slipstream of luck, that has nothing to do with someone just arbitrarily pulling your name out of a hat.


CLARE: Yeah. I think all those principles can be applied to different areas of your life as well. You know, when people are trying to find a partner, and quite often people are like, I haven’t met anyone, I’m like, but what are you doing? Like are you on dating apps? You never leave their house. Do you think someone’s going to come and knock on your door and say I’m here to fall in love with you? Sometimes you do kind of have to take that step and yes, obviously you know, it’s putting the intention out there, but you also have to really take the steps to make it happen.


DENISE: Well, let’s take that example, because I think that’s the perfect one. I actually did a lot of dating coaching in my early years when I was a kind of a life coach helping anyone with anything. I did a tonne of dating coaching and it follows the same process. So you look at the decluttering thing. Three examples I can give you. One guy said, I am on a dating app. And I said, just tell me about your bedroom. And he had a pile of books in his bedroom and I was like, how is she even going to get in? Let’s declutter that. I got another lady to declutter, the other side of her bed. She would have books, her dogs, so I got her to declutter her bedside table and half of her wardrobe because it was like, let’s energetically actually make physical space for somebody.

But another lady, she ran a retreat centre, like a meditation centre out of her house. And I was like, let’s look at your diary because you have no room for someone in your life. You literally could not go on dates. You’re the person that you want to manifest. He would have to literally be at your meditation centre with people in the lounge room doing meditation. So what we did, we just decluttered some of her schedule Friday and Saturday nights, no more meditation groups at her house. Another client, I said, let’s make a list of everything you want in a partner. And she was like, Oh, I don’t know. She was just saying to the universe, I just want a boyfriend. And then people would try and set her up with a weirdo losers and she’d be like, but not that. So I actually got her to make two lists, preferences and deal-breakers. Then in your car, when your’re commuting listen to podcasts about love or about marriage or about dating, but put yourself in that environment, put on your dreamboat pictures of happy couples. And functionally people say this as well. Don’t have pictures of like the single women. You know, a lot of people that do that, they’ll have like pictures of goddesses and stuff. It’s like, you know, make sure you’ve got happy images of, of that and watch TV shows and watch movies about happy endings. Not get embroiled in like Hollywood gossip about everyone, like breaking up all the time. So we’re already on step 3. Set number four, inspired action. Get on the dating sites. Proactively contact people. In chill-preneur (my book) I talk about my dating formula. So if anyone’s listening going, Oh, this is good. I talk about how I contacted a hundred guys and I had a whole system for it. I put myself in, I made myself open for business. So that was step number four, take inspired action. Tell people that you want to be set up proudly and then receive. Don’t sabotage it when a nice guy comes along and then you’re like, Oh, he did this. Okay, no, he’s out. I see my mom, she’s been single forever. I see how she’s sabotaging at every stage of that manifesting formula, cause she’s doing literally the opposite of what would attract the right person into her life. So even though we’re not here talking about dating, we’re talking about money, it’s same. You get that totally the same energy, whether you’re manifesting money or you’re manifesting a man or a baby or a house or whatever. There’s so many things you can do at each level to increase your luck. I’m not saying that the law of attraction will make you pregnant and make you a millionaire, but what all of these things can do is put yourself in the right environment, to give you a better chance.


CLARE: It’s funny sometimes even if things don’t happen exactly when you want it to happen, you’ve still put it out there and then it can happen at a later stage. I think that’s really important too. You know when people get really impatient, I haven’t met the right guy yet or I’m not making the money that I want to make yet and it’s like, but it’s coming. If you believe it’s coming, it will happen. My cousin, she was single at her 40th birthday party and by 41 had met this guy and they’ve now just had twins. She knew he was coming. And sometimes it doesn’t happen exactly the way that you thought it would, but if you believe it, I do believe that it will come to you.


DENISE: Why sometimes it doesn’t, is because you haven’t acclimatised yourself to it. I meet people all the time who tell me I want to be a millionaire and I’m like, great, how much money have you made? And they’re not, they’re not making anything because they’re terrified about paying taxes on their first $5,000. So sometimes you need to acclimatise yourself to making a thousand dollars paying taxes on it. And then sometimes it happens very quickly after that. To go from here to here, some people aren’t ready, like it would cause too much drama and stress in their life, and that’s why they’re pushing it away because they haven’t acclimatized themselves to even the first bit of success or pleasure yet. That’s the same with anything, you could say that probably about relationships as well. It’s like they haven’t acclimatised themselves to receiving pleasure or to be around a nice person.


CLARE: I love that. This is a question from the inner accountant in me. I would love to know how do you juggle good financial stewardship with the principles of manifesting? And what I mean by that is if we would purely go, I know that everything is coming to me, I could go and hire a coach for a million dollars a year. Like right now, not even having the money to go and get a loan or whatever, I’d just be like, well, it’s all going to happen. How do you juggle the two and do you think that there’s an important balance between the two?


How to juggle good financial stewardship with manifesting?


DENISE: Wow, that is such a great question. I want to say straight up, I am not a financial advisor. I’m not qualified to give financial advice in anyway. So I really stay away from that kind of stuff. All I can do is tell you my point of view, I had to learn to be a wealthy person. I am quite an impulsive person financially. I can sometimes be a little bit too optimistic and positive. I don’t get myself into trouble because I know that about myself and I put safe guards in place, for me. I’ll tell you what I had to do, I had to declutter the belief that accountants were scary. I had to declutter the belief about my ability to take care of money.

The first meeting I had with a tax person, the ATO, has it so you can go when you start up a business, you can get a free session with an ATO officer. I was like, Oh my God, he’s going to think I’m a fraud. I’m so scared. And so I was like, Oh, there’s some gold here. So I had to go into clutter some beliefs around women aren’t good with money. I’m not good with money. I’m a fraud. I’m going to be found out. So I had to look at that stuff first before I could believe that I was someone who could have an accountant because it was like, that’s really fancy, only really rich people have an accountant.


So I had to work on all those beliefs. I remember sitting down with my first financial advisor, cause I was Oh, I have an accountant, but a financial advisor, really fancy. I remember sitting ther thinking again, Oh my God, they’re going to think I’m a fraud. So I was like, Oh, I need to work on my mindset around that, right? So sometimes we really have to look again at our beliefs before we give ourselves permission to do the things that rich people have probably been taught to do forever. I know it’s safe for me to pay for good advice, that it’s safe for me to have an accountant and a financial advisor, it’s safe for me to pay taxes. All that’s mindset stuff. Because then logistically you can just find someone good to help you with your money. But it was all totally mindset for me.


CLARE: Fab. So if someone wants to work with you and get started, attracting money into their life and into their business, how do they get started?


DENISE: I think to really just get started, read my books. If you are really interested in the manifesting side that we talked about today, start with Lucky Bitch. That’s my first book. If you’re really interested in looking at your mindset around your money, then my second book is called Get Rich Lucky Bitch, and that is all about your money mindset. If you’re more interested in kind of entrepreneurship, my newest book is called Chill-preneur. It still has the mindset stuff in there, but we go more specifically into things like marketing and your business model. So that’s a brilliant place to start, is just to grab one of my books.


And then if you’ve already read my books and you want to take it further, I really encourage you to come and join my Money Bootcamp. It is a course. So it does have tools and systems and checklists and things like that you can do to really look at your money mindset from multiple angles, but it also comes with a community. If this is really important to you, if when you are the only person maybe in your friendship group or your peer group who’s an entrepreneur or you feel like you’re just not surrounded by people who talk honestly and openly about money, then it’s crucial that you surround yourself with people who are in the game. There are people there who are just starting out and people there who are multimillionaires. But here’s the beautiful thing about that. We’re all working on our money mindset at the same time because when you really get there, you realise that the only difference between someone with a thousand dollars and a million dollars, it’s just a couple of zeros, right? We’re all having to do the same money mindset work. And you can find out all the information about that at my website. Go to the bootcamp tab. You can join straight away and we do monthly live calls as well with me. But otherwise you’ve got the community there 24/7 to help you with all your money mindset stuff.


CLARE: Amazing. Highly recommend bootcamp. I’m a bootcamper. Denise is right, the community there is just incredible. You don’t even have to jump in and answer questions because we’re all in there cheering each other on and supporting each other. And it’s just an amazing place to get around people who are doing amazing things. I love when people are sharing their stories. Three years ago I was here and now I’m here. I just find that super inspiring and I know it’s an amazing place to be. So make sure you go and check that out. Also check out Denise’s books. I’ve bought them all. I’ve also been on a retreat at Denise’s Rose farm, which is something else that you manifested, which is just this most beautiful place. If you ever want to get in the energy of some amazing people, spend a weekend with Denise, make sure you go and check that out too, cause it was a life changing experience for me.

DENISE: I’m so glad. Thank you. It’s really lovely to spend those couple of days with you too. It was beautiful.

CLARE: Well thank you so much for coming on my podcast and thank you for all of the amazing work that you’ve done and look forward to connecting with you again very soon.

Thank you so much for joining me today, if you enjoyed this episode, please make sure you subscribe to receive future episodes, and I’d be so grateful for a review on apple podcast! If you’d like a copy of the show notes or any of the links mentioned today, please jump over to and remember that Clare is spelled CLARE, have a wonderful week and look forward to chatting to you again soon!


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