How Bec grew her profit by 350%

Most business owners don’t have a strong handle on their business profit. In today’s episode, I chat to Bec the founder of Lemonade Kids, about how she went on a journey of not being in the details of her money to being right across her finances, and the ripple affect this has had on her business success.

In this Episode:
07.57: The fear Bec had around her business financials

11.10: Why Bec decided to join The Profit Academy: Foundations

16.36: Bec’s biggest takeaways from the course; from the numbers and the mindset teachings to the community feel of the course.

24.24: How the 50 x Revenue Boosters bonus helped Bec’s business growth

30.05: How Bec grew her business 350% in 12 months




Guest Bio

Bec Idiens is in the business of cheerleading! But not in your typical sense of cheerleading.

Her passion is being every young person’s personal cheerleader that books into a program at Lemonade Kids. Her goal is to lift them up to feel more confident, resilient and stronger from within!

Founded as her first ever business, Lemonade Kids offers preventative and holistic well-being and youth empowerment programs to children 5 to 12 years.

She is extremely proud to be the first licensee of Standing Strong Clubs in Brisbane, Queensland and launched in April 2020 in the initial peak of COVID 19 lockdown (yikes!). Standing Strong is developed on three pillars, to provide a holistic and preventative approach to young people’s health and well-being. These pillars are Strong Body (movement), Strong Mind (mindset) and Strong Heart (mindfulness).

Since 2020, Bec and her dedicated team at Lemonade Kids has supported and cheered on over 2,820 children and young teens.

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