Happier than ever with a sustainable business with Hayley Jenkins

Do you feel like you are working hard, but the money isn’t reflecting in your bank account? In today’s episode, I chat with one of my Profit Academy Foundations students, Hayley, about how from learning about her finances she was able to mix up her business model to get sustainable growth and find a new love for her work.

In this Episode:
05.29: How Hayley felt about her business finances and why she chose Profit Academy Foundations to help her 

10.41: Hayley’s fears around joining the course and learning about her numbers

14.32: How Hayley felt the course helped built her up rather being overwhelmed

21.16: How Hayley’s business has grown in numbers as well as how she has regained her passion for her work 




Guest Bio

Hayley Jenkin is a leading Queensland based Creative Director and Stylist, and the founder of Wholehearted Studio.

So many people struggle to find the time to even think about their styling. At Wholehearted Studio we use our personalised approach, to style our clients shoots, interiors, and socials, so that it sets them apart and they can present themselves with confidence.

Hayley has worked with clients Australia-wide styling brand campaigns, editorial features, and interiors. Her styling has seen her win a national styling competition, and style campaigns and interiors that have been published in magazines, television and billboards.

Now working with our handpicked team in our studio, we work closely with each client to create bespoke projects by embracing creative personalisation. We believe in providing an individualised and friendly service, and working on our clients’ projects as if they were our own.

Our work has been featured in Inside Out, Real Living Magazine, House and Garden, Australian Traveller, Hello May, and Apartment Therapy. We have also styled campaigns for Australian artisans, builders, and designers, as well as larger brands like Pottery Barn, James Lane, and West Elm.

With an active social media presence, Hayley loves to collaborate with brands, showcasing her favourite things, her work, and her passion project; the restoration of her 1930’s Queenslander, Oxleigh House.



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