Creating multiple income streams with Alisha Marfatia

If you want to get inspired about how to create more financial security, you will love today’s episode. I welcome Alisha Marfatia, Reels Queen from The Social Impact and founder of Full & Filled, to talk about how she has created multiple streams of income both inside and outside of her business to create more financial security and confidence.

In this Episode:
02.01: Alisha’s new and exciting business shifts, including branching out to a product-based business

07.26: How Alisha created different revenue streams; from shares, to property to running multiple businesses

22.08: How to avoid the ‘bright-shiny-object’ syndrome in business; finding the line between diversification and spreading too thin.



Guest Bio

Get ready to be inspired by Alisha, Director of The Social Impact and the Creator of Full & Filled. Alisha’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. Leaving behind a successful career in sports TV, she stepped into the spotlight as “the reels pro” crowned by none other than Instagram itself.
With her game-changing Reels Management service, Alisha has achieved remarkable results for her clients. Picture this: 4,000 new followers and an astonishing $25,000 in revenue from just one reel. She’s not just talk, but a true boss babe who delivers jaw-dropping outcomes.
Alisha’s influence extends beyond individual success stories. Her Instagram courses have empowered business owners across the globe, taking their brands to new levels of success. Get ready to take the digital world by storm under her expert guidance!
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