Create your dream life with the kikki.k founder, Kristina Karlsson

Do you dream of a life different to the one you are living now? In today’s episode, I am delighted to interview, kikki,k founder, Kristina Karlsson to talk about how she originally started kikki,k, the growth and fall of the business, and how she is now helping people create their dream life.

In this Episode:
02.39: How Kristina started in business

07.48: How kikki.k was created

13.49: Having a supportive partner (and whether they should be IN the business)

19.55: The rise, fall and takeover of kikki.k

30.20: The vision for the dream life movement




Guest Bio

Much loved the world over, Swedish born Kristina was the Founder of kikki.K, and more recently Dream Life (an inspiring & empowering brand turned global movement).

After growing up on a small farm in Sweden, aged 22 she found herself in Australia, half a world away from family & friends, with little money and no idea what to do with her life. So, what was a girl to do?

Imagine what her dream life could look like – write her dreams down on paper – and then make them happen. Kristina sold all she owned to create & build globally loved Swedish design & stationery business, kikki.K – from the ground up, to have: 120 award winning retail stores in 5 countries; a passionate team of ~1,500; a reputation for innovation & service excellence; an online store serving stationery & design lovers in over 150 countries… and total revenue of around $650m.

For over 20 yrs from start-up to mid 2021, Kristina won the hearts & minds of millions the world over, as the creative force and personality behind what was an authentic, founder & purpose led brand. After a tumultuous experience thru the Covid pandemic – with forced closures of her stores – Kristina lost control of kikki.K and parted ways in heart-breaking circumstances. A riveting story with many learnings.

She has since bounced back – on a mission to inspire & empower 101 million people the world over to discover and chase their dreams.

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