Managing the overwhelm in business

When it comes to the business of running a business, I know easy it is to feel overwhelmed. The good days feel bloody amazing, but the bad days, well…you can feel like you’re drowning in a never-ending To Do list!

So, how can you flip things around to ensure those good days far surpass the less good ones?

To work through this, get out your lab coats and spark up your Bunsen burners because today, we’re going to start with some science. Don’t panic, it won’t be too taxing, just a little happy science.

You may or may not have heard of these fun things in our brains called neurochemicals. The best description of them that I’ve found is that they’re “feel good” chemicals triggered by your brain as a reward when you’ve done something it thinks is good for its survival.  We first of all need to get your ability to “cope”, back on track, and then talk about some practical ways to manage your time.

The 4 happy chemicals I’m referring to (from Jim Kwick’s “Kwick Brian” podcast episode 84) are:

Endorphins –  These are the “feel good” natural drugs.  To get yourself a cheeky hit of endorphin, do a workout!  Another way to trigger this guy is to have a good laugh (or, even a cry).  

Oxytocin – this little guy is all about trust and belonging, it’s the bonding chemical. For your oxytocin hit, you need to give and receive trust and physical touch. Have a massage, cuddle your kids, pat your dog or give your partner a cheeky pinch on the bum.

Serotonin – is the “don’t worry, be happy” neurotransmitter. The best way to get a hit is through exercise, eating a healthy balanced diet and getting a small, safe amount of natural sunlight.

Dopamine – is all about your motivation and energy release. Trigger some dopamine by setting yourself small, achievable goals and give yourself a little pat on the back when you achieve them. You could also try working in 20-30 minute blocks and giving yourself a little reward when you stick to it.  Sleep, music, and meditation have been found to help with dopamine levels.

Now that we’ve got your happy chemicals flowing, it’s time to check off some business goals to maintain that lovely high. But, where do you start?

This is quite possibly the #1 thing I hear as a business coach

How do I know what to spend my time on in my service-based business??? There are just so many things I need to do! 

And in my experience, I would suggest you prioritise your time in this order:

  1. Current clients – they simply must be at the top of your pile. They’re the ones that keep coming back to you, the ones who are paying and the ones who will say wonderful things about you to potential clients.
  2. Potential clients – if someone has taken the time to reach out with an enquiry, don’t leave them hanging!  This is your chance to show them what a great service you provide so make sure they can see it. Also, stay on top of your leads. The longer you leave your initial contact, the more chance they’ve a) forgotten you OR b) forgotten how much they need your [insert service here].
  3. Find new clients – friends, I have one word for you: MARKETING!! You gotta be on the socials, updating your blog, sending out your newsletters, creating paid advertising or whatever it is that drives people to want to buy from your business.
  4. Everything else – this is where I file things like admin, accounts and whatever else you need to do to stay organised and compliant in your business.

How does this plan sit with you? Perhaps you’re spending so much time in 1 & 2 that you’re simply not able to get to 3 & 4. Well, that’s when you need to think about outsourcing. If you’re truly subjective about this decision, you’ll realise your time is likely not best spent in at least one of these areas. 

And back to our happy high drugs, allow some time in your day for YOU! Take at least an hour to meditate, exercise, watch some TV, have a bath or whatever it is which fills your cup. Remember, you can prioritise current clients all you want but if you’re not looking after you, your business will not thrive.

So, it is normal to feel overwhelmed at times in your business, but have a think about how you are prioritising your time AND have a think about how you can get your happy, positive juices flowing to keep you cool, calm and focussed on your big dreams!

If you need help with your time management or getting out of the overwhelm, I’d love to help, find out how, HERE.


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