The great Instagram experiment

I launched my brand new podcast The Clare Wood Podcast and on Day 2 after it’s launch, it shot to position number 2 on the Australian Apple Podcast Charts for Business. 

I believe you can use something similar (of course tailored to YOUR business and target market) to launch something new in your business (including, of course, a podcast)!

Here is the strategy I used:

1.Build relationships in the community of your target market

This did NOT happen overnight for me.  I have been working on my relationships in the business community for YEARS.  However, the sooner you start, the better.  Building a community involves:

  • Regularly attending face to face networking events
  • Engaging in a meaningful way online- both by commenting on social media posts of others, and adding value into industry Facebook groups
  • Being “seen” at industry events
  • Promoting others in the industry – for example, if there is someone in a parallel business that I respect, my values are aligned to and I believe in their product/ service, I refer work to them, shout out about them on social media etc. I believe this has been key for me, as others were happy to then “return the favour” (please note: I did not do any of this with any expectations of it being returned, but quite often people are happy to!)

2.Produce a bloody good product

  • All the marketing in the world can’t save something that isn’t fundamentally good. Make sure that what you create is perfect for your target market and will hit the mark

3.Create a launch plan

  • Full transparency, my “launch plan” was just a two page word document that said “share here” and had a draft of some emails and posts. It doesn’t need to be polished, but having something to work through can make sure it all goes to plan

4.Clear your calendar for launch day and a few days afterwards

  • This is one I did NOT do (learn from my mistake). I was juggling client work, social media madness and 2 children. Be. Smart.  Launching takes a lot of time and energy!

5.Celebrate! Whether your launch is a screaming success or a disaster, take some time to celebrate the fact that you actually did it.

6.Reflect and work out next steps– what worked, what didn’t? What can you do to leverage your results?  And what will you do next?

So that’s it. It’s as simple… and as difficult as that….

Hang on Clare… Where is the good stuff? What marketing activities did you actually do? 

Oh right… I’ve created a downloadable for you that tells to exactly step-by-step what I marketing activities I undertook (including where I posted on social media, what I posted, who I contacted and the exact emails that I sent!).  You can download HERE.


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