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In this episode, I talk with Steph Taylor and find out her strategies to achieving a $300k month. We dive in deep, discussing everything from money, to having an abundance mindset and the lessons Steph learnt along the way.
What if, there were no limitations to what you could achieve in your business? In this special episode, I talk about how to find your superpower and ask you to question what you would do, if there were no limitations on what you could achieve?
Many business owners struggle with managing staffing issues. In this episode, I share some strategies to help you know whether someone is the right fit for your business, how to navigate through a performance issue with a team member, and how to make the decision and end a working relationship in a positive way.
Public speaking is the most common phobia with up to 75% of the population having this fear. In today’s episode, I speak to journalist, newsreader and speaker Katrina Blowers about how to overcome a fear of public speaking including practical actions that you can take when that fight or flight response kicks in!
Memberships are a fantastic way to help your community in a bigger and deeper way. In this episode I chat to Tracy from Mums with Hustle about whether a membership is right for your business and how to build an engaged and connected community.
BONUS EPISODE: Cat from Seeking Digital chats all about how to nail your Facebook ads. Cat shares what are FB ads, some of her best hacks for running ads, and some of the things that can go not so well so you can make sure you don’t make these mistakes!
In the current economic climate, it might feel really challenging to be making sales. In this episode, I share 7 strategies to help you attract your dream clients right now and convert them to paying customers.