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What sets the wealthy apart when it comes to mindset? In today’s episode, I share some of my mindset hacks that I have observed from wealthy people to give you tips to create a wealthy mindset for yourself.
Do you ever look at other business owners online and think, damn they are lucky, they don’t have any challenges to deal with? In today’s episode, I chat with Kate Ruby Aroha about how comparing yourself to others online isn’t helpful and how to make sure you keep on going and never give up, even when times are challenging.
2021 has been a big year. There has been lots happening on a global scale, and I’m sure many of you have felt the highs and lows this year. Over the next two episodes, I share some of my learnings, and importantly, the lessons learnt from another big year.
It can be such a mindset challenge when someone is copying your work. I believe most people have no intention to copy others, but the situation can happen quite often. In this episode, I talk about how to navigate a copycat situation and how to identify if you are being an accidental copycat yourself.
There can often be behaviours that sit below the surface that are actually ways you are subconsciously blocking the flow of money. In today’s episode, I share what those blocks look like and how you can breakthrough them so you can receive with ease.
I talk a lot about mindset on the podcast, usually in the content of making more money. In today’s episode, I chat with Bec Hughes about the impact your mindset has when going through a branding process and the blocks that can come up.
BONUS EPISODE: I meet a lot of business owners who say they are not good with numbers. In today’s episode, I chat with Elle from 23 Wise Words about how important understanding numbers is for business owners and how she got more familiar with her numbers and money.