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We all know we need to invest in our business to get a return, but how do you know what to invest in? In today’s episode, I’ll be sharing 5 great ways to invest in your business, especially if you are looking for growth towards the 7 figure mark.
Growth is often glorified. We usually see the amazing results, but we don’t see the pain that came before the change. In this episode, I explore why shifting feels shitty and how you can move through it!
Do you dream of a 7 figure business, but can’t work out why it isn’t happening for you? In this episode, I explore the reasons holding you back from being a million dollar business owner. And more importantly, how you can break past them!
Tarzan Kay first grabbed by attention when I heard her on Amy Porterfield’s podcast. In this episode, we chat about selling with integrity. We also chat about hallucinogens and Jesus, but you’ll have to listen to find out all the details
It’s the age old question… Does money make you happy? Although money itself doesn’t make you happy, in today’s episode, I will explore why and how having money can increase your personal satisfaction and happiness and why a healthy money mindset is key to success.
Video is a really powerful marketing tool, but so many business owners miss this opportunity through fear. In this episode I share exactly how I navigated through my fear of showing up on video and how you can do the same in your business.