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One of the biggest reasons why business owners don’t dedicate the time and energy to work on their money is because they find financials boring. In today’s episode, I’ve invited along my good friend, Anita Siek, to interview me and ask questions about how you can make money management fun.
It can be really challenging finding business friends. In today’s episode, I chat with Kelly from Skin Queen about she has used retreats to connect with inspiring and driven business owners, on a much deeper level that what you can do at awkward networking events.
Have you ever had your identity stolen online? I have and trust me, it sucks. In today’s episode, I share a bunch of tips on how you can keep your financial data safe.
If you are on Instagram, your will see a lot of the up side of success. You’ll see glamorous holidays and the 6-figure months, but what a lot of people don’t share is the unsexy things they have had to do to achieve that level of success. In today’s episode, I share the unsexy things that successful people do.