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For the month of June, my business hit $50k of sales! In this episode, I share what the biggest factors that contributed to this growth were, the profit component out of these sales, and how you can take the lessons from this month and apply it to your business.
Scaling to 7 figures in annual revenue is a pretty impressive feat! And today’s guest, Kate Toon, has done this with NO paid advertising. In this episode, she shares her impressive results, including how she keeps her focus on her profit line and the marketing strategies that have lead to this success. This episode is packed with practical advice, a dose of giggles and plenty of inspiration.
Legals can be something that small business owners can turn a blind eye to… some people think “nothing will happen me!” Today’s guest Tracey Mylecharane shares why EVERY business owner needs to consider their legals and WHAT you need to have in place to protect your business.
Selling doesn’t have to be a sleazy or stressful process. In this episode, I share my exact methodology for selling with confidence that you can easily apply in your business.
Taking the leap and investing in your business can be a really scary process. In this episode, I share my framework for knowing whether an investment is the right decision for your business.