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If you are wanting to build a more inclusive business, but you have no idea where to get started, then this episode is for you. In today’s episode I chat with Louise O’Reilly, an inclusion and diversity coach, about how to get started in building a more diverse business and how having more inclusion in business, is actually really good for business.
One of the most challenging aspects of marketing your service-based business is showing your face on camera. In today’s episode, I chat with Megan Yelaney about how you can confidently show up on camera, and be your authentic, awkward self in a way that is going to magnetise your dream clients.
I love to take you behind the scenes in my business, not from a place of showing off, but to show you what is possible and what doesn’t quite go to plan so you know you are not alone in business. In today’s episode I take you behind the scenes in my latest launch for my course Million Dollar Money Management. I share my lessons and learnings from this course so you can take them into your business or launches moving forward.
I was recently asked to speak as a guest on the Learn to Launch Podcast with Nicola Dixon and it was such a fun episode that I asked if I could share it. In today’s episode, we will be replaying that episode and talking all things money mindset and how it applies during the launch of an online program, course or product.
What is it that you desire? In today’s episode, I share how I manifested my dream house and the strategies I used, so that you too can manifest the things that you desire in your life.
Our money stories or our beliefs about money, play out into our money reality. But the good news is we can re-write these victim stories that we around money and write new ones. In today’s episode, I chat with Jessamyn McLachlan about how to get rid of those old money stories and re-write new ones.
What is money mindset? In today’s episode I chat to copywriter, Nicole Kepic who has been through my course Million Dollar Money Management, about the power of shifting your beliefs around money, taking aligned action and getting the results you des