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Whenever I share big client wins on social media, I receive private messages asking “how did they do it?”. Let me let you in on a little secret, it’s not the strategy that counts. In today’s episode, I share how you can use your mind to make more money in your business.
What if we have been served a big fat lie about what it takes to be successful at work? In today’s episode, I chat with Business Chicks founder, Emma Isaacs, who believes the hustle is dead and what her rules are for working better not harder.
In the nearly 6 years that I have been a business mentor, I have noticed that business owners often plateau around the $10k per month or 6 figure mark. In today’s episode, I dive into my theory about why this happens and how you can break through this plateau if it does happen to you.
When I talk about a $100k worth of sales in a month, what comes up for you? Are you super excited to dive into this episode and find out how it can be possible for you, or are you triggered and thinking only certain people and industries can make that type of money? In today’s episode, I explore how it can be possible for you and the strategies you can use to get there.
How do you find the mentor that is the right fit for you? In today’s episode, I share a few tips on how you can make sure that the mentor or coach you choose, is the right fit for you and for the stage of business you are in.
What is it that you really want? It sounds like such a simple question but from my experience as a money mentor, most people don’t know what it is they truly desire in business and life. In today’s episode, I encourage you to explore what your desires are when you remove all judgement and allow yourself to go there.
One of the biggest things that can hold you back in business, is fear. Fear of change, fear of doing things differently and fear of the unknown. In today’s episode, I explore how you can make bold decisions in your business to get the results you want, faster.