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Most business owners who want to create EPIC growth think they need to just get the right strategy in place. In today's episode, I chat with Kelly, the founder of Skin Queen, about why mindset trumps strategy every time. This episode is packed with great advice and tips to help you transform your mindset in business.
If you are serious about scaling your business in a a big way, you are going to need some help getting there. In today's episode I share where to get started in bringing help into your business and how I get help both inside and outside of my business to give you ideas about what is possible when you invest in your team.
I recently had my biggest ever course launch and in today's episode, I share the lessons and learnings from this launch. Whether you are a course launcher or not, there are some big takeaways from my experience that will be really helpful for you when marketing your business.
In this week's episode Alisha (the founder of The Social Impact) shares and celebrates some of her incredible wins in business, but also the truth about how business is not always sunshine and rainbows and some of the struggles she has faced as the founder of a rapidly growing business.
Something I talk about a lot is the importance of profit. And it’s all well and good to say “just make more profit” but how do you actually do it? In today’s episode, I share all the goods you need to add more dollars to your business bank account.
Have you ever had a meeting with your accountant and as the meeting goes on you get more and more confused about they are talking about? Maybe you ask a question or two at the start, but then you start nodding along and pretending you know what's going on. In today's episode I share how you can step from overwhelm to confident when it comes to your account meetings and finances.
CASE STUDY: My client came to me as they felt a little out of control with the business and had massive dreams for growth - they wanted to scale to the 7 figure mark. In today’s episode, I’ll be breaking down their impressive profit increase, and importantly, how it came about so you can learn to do the same for your business.