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So many business owners are looking for a big shift in their results, however they aren’t willing to do the work in order to make that shift happen. In today’s episode, I chat about the importance of carving out time to work ON your business and how to actually do it.
Are you wanting to create more success in your business and wealth in your life? Your financial position is a direct reflection of your relationship with money. In this episode I share how to improve your relationship with money.
2020 has been a huge year. I am so grateful that my business has thrived this year. In today’s episode, I can’t wait to share with you all the juicy details about exactly how my sales have doubled since the start of this year, so that you can do the same in your business.
I’ve noticed that small business owners will happily invest the time and dollars into the how to, but when it comes to working on the business to create the big picture strategy and do the work on mindset, they might be a little less willing to take the time and money to do so. In today’s episode, I will dive into the strange topic of mindset and explore whether this is something you need to grow your business to the next level.